DOSEKA second-hand clothing and footwear packages for businesses are categorized according to two main criteria: clothing purpose and quality. Based on these criteria, DOSEKA customers can build and order relevant production packages (from 5 to 50 kg).

Based on quality, clothing is sorted into four main classes:

  1. CREAM – the “cream” of the second-hand clothing. This class contains clothes which are new, little worn, clean, high quality, free from defects, and have no signs of wear. Packages of Cream clothing are appreciated by entrepreneurs who want to offer their customers the latest and most stylish clothing. The Cream class contains many famous brands and clothing styles that appeal to young people. The Cream class may contain winter, summer, and all-season wear.
  2. EXTRA is chosen by the second-hand retailers who want to have very high quality products in the range but at lower prices. The clothes in this class are of excellent quality, fashionable, varied, and without any defects. Compared with the Cream class, Extra clothes have the exact same quality levels but some of the models may be older.
  3. Category A is a lower class of clothing, but the quality remains high. The clothing may have slight imperfections.
  4. Category B is a lower class of clothing that is still suitable for wearing. Clothing can be slightly worn, have easily washable stains, or undone seams.

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