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Selected and sorted. A wise business move



The world’s second-hand clothing and footwear market is going through a fundamental transformation. Smart entrepreneurs, thinking about the future, want up-to-date solutions consistent with the principles of ecology and sorting.

In order to satisfy even the most demanding business customers, DOSEKA seeks to remain at the forefront of the global changes. Ecology and sorting is not only a social responsibility. Sorting and recycling of second-hand clothes gives very specific benefits to businesses.


For the customers engaged in wholesale and retail sale of second-hand clothing, DOSEKA supplies only the highest-quality products, carefully sorted into different categories. We follow the highest selection criteria and provide the best service to DOSEKA clients.


Second-hand clothing and footwear arrives at DOSEKA in Vilnius only from the largest and most reputable companies in the UK, which supply high-quality, unsorted second-hand clothes. In this sector, the British companies have long been distinguished as the most reliable suppliers, offering the highest-quality raw materials. In order to meet the special needs of our customers, we select some of the clothing in the UK ourselves.


The British raw materials are resurrected for a second life in DOSEKA’S modern, well- equipped centre in Vilnius, which meets the highest European standards. The floor area is more than 2,000 square metres.

The centre employs more than 60 experienced professionals. Following precise instructions, they sort clothing and footwear into four main quality categories: Cream, Extra, Category A, and Category B.

Our business customers are happy that DOSEKA is not merely a reseller but a reliable partner-producer. DOSEKA uses British raw materials in Lithuania to make products of high demand in our country – packages of second-hand clothing and footwear sorted into different categories. The packages range from 5 to 50 kg. The contents of these packages is dictated by the different and often changing needs of wholesalers and retailers.

DOSEKA is dedicated to serving businesses’ needs.

Lithuania and the world

Over the years, DOSEKA has developed an extensive customer network that includes businesses of various sizes and profiles around the world. Particular attention is now paid to the Lithuanian customers, from second-hand clothing boutiques to large wholesalers.

DOSEKA also serves the markets of Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Georgia, working with wholesalers and managers of large networks. DOSEKA is continuously strengthening its position in various markets: Nigeria, Ghana, Togo Republic, and other Central and West African countries; Pakistan, India, and other Far East countries. In these countries, second-hand clothing wholesalers order full sea containers from the DOSEKA warehouse.

Each market and business has different needs. Therefore, in order to satisfy this diverse network, we are particularly focused on continually optimising our sorting processes. Business owners around the world appreciate products sorted in order to meet a specific request. They don’t want to purchase a  “pig in a poke” but packets of clothing in a specific category that correspond to their market demand.

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